Rainbow Bridge


According to Native American legend, when a human dies, there is a Bridge he or she must cross in order to enter Heaven.

At the head of this Bridge waits every animal that the individual encountered during his or her lifetime.

Based upon what they know of this person, the animals will decide which humans may cross the Bridge and which will be turned away




Navajo Legend 

The earthly Rainbow Bridge is an American national monument (proclaimed in 1910) located in Southern Utah at the base of Navajo Mountain, just North of the Arizona border. A natural formation of salmon-pink sandstone, it resembles the arc of a rainbow and is the largest natural bridge in the world. A former branch of the Colorado River created the Rainbow Bridge through erosion, first by carving the Bridge Canyon and then enlarging a hole which, over time, became the Bridge itself.

Known as "Nonnezoshi" (which means "rainbow turned to stone") to the Navajo people who dwell in that region, the tribe members have been aware of the Bridge for many years, but it only became well-known after 1909, when local guides led a group of white explorers to the area. Rainbow Bridge is considered by the Indians to be a sacred place and special prayers are offered before passing beneath the monument. Failure to do so is believed to bring misfortune. Tourists may hike to the Bridge only with the permission of the Navajo Nation, which owns the surrounding land. In deference to the tribal elders, it is requested that all visitors refrain from walking upon the hallowed ground under Rainbow Bridge.



Norse Legend 

 According to Norse Legend, the sacred Rainbow Bridge called Bifrost connects Midgard (the realm of humankind) with Asgard (the realm of the Gods). Also known as Asabru ("Bridge of Gods"), Bifrost was magically constructed from fire, water and air...whose quivering and changing hues it has retained. Not only do the Gods use this Bridge to travel to and from the Earth, it also leads to the Urdar Well, situated at the foot of the great ash Yggdrasil, where they assemble daily in council.

Of all the Gods onlyThor, God of Thunder, never passes over the Bridge for fear it might be demolished by his heavy tread and lightning bolts. The Watchman God Heimdall stands guard over over Bifrost night and day. Armed with a trenchant sword, he carries a trumpet called Giallar-horn, upon which he generally blows a soft note to announce the coming or going of the Gods. However, Heimdell is destined to sound a terrible trump at the dawn of Ragnarok...the time the Frost Giants will unite with Surtr to destroy the world. During Ragnarok...the end of the is said that Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, will collapse and shatter beneath the weight of the monsters


 Can you imagine a heaven without our pets?

There is a very special place where beloved pets go after they die. This is only a temporary location. But there are trees and grass and lakes, and everything they love. Here they can play and eat and sleep, even better than they did, before they died. Now, there are no aches or worries or dangers of any kind to trouble or threaten them. The only joy missing is their beloved human companion, you.

All health is restored completely, and all injuries are healed. Dogs and cats play with each other like youngsters, and they do not have time to feel lonely for you. They miss you, and with the special wisdom that animals have, they trust that this condition will get better. And they confidently wait as they frolic.

A wonderful day will come for each of them, when in the middle of playing they will suddenly feel something is different. And all their senses will be at the height of excitement and exuberance. They will sniff the air and look off in the distance where they recognize that dearly loved special presence. Then they will call out in elation, and with eyes shining and tail going wild, tear off at a full gallop, almost flying over the green grass.

Your expected arrival has been sensed, and now there is nothing that can keep the two of you apart, ever again. As you run toward each other the tears flow from your eyes. Your pet leaps into your arms, and you cling together in jubilant reunion. The joyous kisses are all over your face, and you kiss back, just as ecstatically. Your hands so lovingly caress once more the beloved fur, the head and neck and body you knew so well. And you look into each other’s loving eyes, and all those old, wonderful shared feelings are back, again.

And then something will call the both of you on, to a different field of warmth and nurture, where all the love you knew now comes to fruition. With your pet, you leave that special waiting area, walk into the main part of heaven, and begin a new existence there, together.

If you accept that pets can love us as much as we do them, then the logic is clear and cannot be denied. If you believe that there is a heaven for people, then they must be there, waiting for us, when we cross over. Heaven is love, and pets always share that with us.

--Wallace Sife, Ph. D. The Loss of a Pet (Revised Edition, 1998) Ch. 16--



Below are family members that we have bred,owned or co owned

From all of us at Nija & Telde Kennels our thoughts are with you,

and remember they are waiting for you





Aust. Ch Saxonee Oh Xcuse Me - Katie


Our dearest Kit Kat will be missed terribly by all at Nija & Telde

She was a true ambassador for the breed, gentle and lovable

All who had the pleasure of meeting you fell under your spell

 You played and grew with your best friend Ryan, he misses you terribly

You went to sleep in your favourite spot and never woke

You will always be in our hearts and thoughts until we meet again



Telde Making A Splash - Phoebe


Missed by all at Saxonee Boxer Kennels

Phoebe only ever had 2 litters which she excelled for Saxonne Boxers in producing 3 Aust. Champions in 1 litter

Her second she produced another Aust. Champion

Phoebe will always live on in her children and grand children, greatly missed by her best friend Paul



 Telde Wild About Harry  - Harry


From the day you bounded out of your crate at the airport and greeted everyone with

only the enthusiasm a happy Boxer can you fitted into your new life with your best friend Sir William and family.

You fought hard in your fight to stay with everyone just for a while longer, but it was not meant to be

You will always be in Sir William's heart and thoughts until he meets with you again



 Aust. Ch. Nija Oh Goodness Gracious - Lara


​Lara hs left a large hole in our hearts and is missed deeply by us all

​She had a beautiful temperament and lived life to the fullest. The time you were with us was never long enough. You obtained a lot of high accolades in your show career but your greatest accomplishment was with your family and helping to raise puppies for their new families

​We miss you deeply and hope that one day we will see you again



  For dignity and respect you and your beloved family member deserve

We use and highly recommend Berkshire Park Pet Cemetary and Crematorium NSW






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