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  NIJA BOXERS was started by the late Marion Hetherington over 50 years ago.

Marion obtained her first Boxer from the local pound and was then bitten by the Boxer bug. 

The first kennel Prefix / Affix Marion registered with the then R.A.S Kennel Control was ROUNDERLEY early to mid 1960's.  Under the ROUNDERLEY Prefix /Affix a few litters were registered and exhibited with success when she obtained a lovely brindle & white bitch by the name of Australian Champion Tarakani Sweet Charity - Sally (bred by N & M Jones), whose pedigree contained STAINBURNDORF (UK), EMEFAR (USA) breeding.

  To us kids when we were growing up she was known to us as garbage, as Sally would eat anything edible left around, or to be found hidden - but amazingly she always managed to leave any wrappings in tacked. Her favourite was cake still warm from being baked for us kids, but what us kids dreaded to hear and see was Sally knocking at the back door and looking at us with the look only a Boxer can give "aren't I clever" with a bird in her mouth unharm , just a bit wet.

Sally had her first show at 3 1/2 months of age and by the time she was 15 months old she had to her name many Runner Up In Shows, Classes In Show, Best in Groups,  and Classes In Group. These wins were at All Breeds and Specialty shows. This was when there was no Utility Group, as Boxers were exhibited in the now Non Sporting Group. At Western Districts Boxer Club Specialty show Sally obtained Runner Up Best In Show to her 1/2 brother. That day the Tarakani prefix stood tall by taking out 5 of the 7 Classes in Show that day, as well as Best Opposite In Show classes, and Reserve Challenge Bitch.


Then in the mid 1960's Marion started exhibiting and breeding under the  NIJA kennel Prefix / Affix.

Marion kept her hand in the show scene with some of Sally's progeny, one of the most consistant winners being Royal Legion, sired by Aust. Ch. Tarakani Legionaire. With family commitments pressing Marion gave the show scene a rest, but still kept 1 or 2 Boxers around, and always kept up to date on what was happening in the dog world. Marion then decided when us kids had grown up to start breeding again. She gave me a lovely brindle & white dog Whitechapel Southerly aka Buster. Buster's pedigree contained some of the most well known kennels from the UK - predominately PANFIELD.

Now it was my turn to be bitten by the show bug. I exhibited Buster when I could but with school and work commitments found it difficult to get to most shows on the weekend - Buster was 23 points short of obtaining his Australian Championship title. It was a shame, Buddy (and a true Buddy he was) as I called him was successful in the show ring with Best In Show Specialty, Challenges, Reserve Challenges, Classes In Show & Group. 

It was not until Marion bred a lovely bitch by the name of Australian Champion Nija Airs N Graces aka Grace that I truly took over the showing. Grace was also exhibited sparingly, due to work commitments, but managed to win Classes In Show, Best In Groups, and Classes In Group at All Breeds and Specialty shows. Grace only ever had 1 litter, and out of this litter she produced a very nice bitch Australian Champion Nija Miss Hoity Toity aka Ariel.

At this time Marion handed over the Kennel Prefix / Affix to me, but was still there to help guide me.

Ariel was like her name sake very hoity toity. She would look people up and down, especially the judges, who in her eyes where beneath her. Ariel also was exhibited sparingly, but did manage to win the point score for Western Districts Boxer Club along the way as well as winning Classes In Show, Best In Groups, and Classes In Group at All Breeds and Specialty shows. Ariel had 2 litters the first being 4 males, and I wanted a bitch. The second litter proved lucky for me.

This bitch turned out to be the most consistant and biggest of winners up to this time for me, Australian Champion Nija Mind Ya Manners aka Molly. It took Molly a while to mature up, but when she did, she managed to be never unplaced. Some of Molly's wins where Classes In Shows, Best In Groups, and Classes In Groups at All Breeds and Specialty Shows.  Most Judges comments were "It has been awhile since I have seen a bitch constructed and move like a true Boxer should", "Wow I had forgotten what a Boxer looks like on the move", "A true, free moving bitch - with the beautiful Boxer temperament to match"

Molly also managed to win the point score for both Boxer clubs, Western Districts Boxer Club Of NSW and The Boxer Club Of NSW.  It was the Western Districts Boxer Club point score that Molly won 3 years running and took 6 months off in one year for maternal duties and still managed to win the point score that year. Molly only ever had 2 litter for us and in these 2 litters where 4 males, and of course I wanted a bitch again. It was never to be.

This now brings me to our current show team. After nearly 6 years out of the show scene it was proving difficult to find a nice bitch to show again, especially when I wanted to combine the temperament, movement and structure that I was use to. I was finally offered a nice brindle & white bitch 'Katie' from Julie Lawson of TELDE BOXERS. I knew Julie rarely bred and when she did she put a lot of thought into each and every litter as well as having ethics like me on health and temperament. Julie has had some success over the years with her breeding and exhibiting and when Julie offered me Australian Champion Saxonee Oh Xcuse Me aka Katie, bred by Paul McArthur in Queensland out of a Telde bitch, Making A Splash - Phoebe, who has produced 5 Australian Champions in her only 2 litters.  

Katie now had me back in the show scene again. Katie managed to win consistantly Best In Group, Classes In Groups, Classes In Show at All Breeds and Specialty shows. I loved exhibiting Katie as she was never to much work and she loved performing in the ring. When Katie was old enough I was planning on having 1 litter from her, then they put forward the legislation on Tail Docking. Well that put a stop to breeding under the Nija prefix again. I had not planned on breeding ever again until Steynmere Had It All (Imp UK)  aka Monty arrived on our shores - Monty is a Natural Bobtail. And so off we went to see Monty. In Katie's one and only litter she produced Australian Champion Nija O Goodness Gracious aka Lara and Nija O Gracious Me aka Sari & Nija Goodtime Had By All aka Jordy . After this litter I decided Katie could be a lady of leisure and wile away her days with her daughter Lara and half sister Telde Pennies From Heavn aka Penny.

 Penny was a gift from Julie when Marion was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the kidney's. Penny was Marion's constant companion through out her remaining time. And when Marion passed Penny missed her terriblyPenny now resides with Julie spending her time playing and following Julie everywhere. I have not seen Penny this content since Marion passed away. 

Our current (2020) Show Team consists of Aust. Ch. Nija Colour MeHappy With Tell D - Vivian, Aust. Ch. & Neuter Ch. Nija In The Buff With Tell D - Eliza Aust. Ch. & Neuter Ch. Nija Bibbity Bobbity Boo - Mya

We are hoping to add to our current Show team in the near future.


It is not the strongest of the species that survives,

Nor the most intelligent that survives.

It is the one that is most adaptable to change


Charles Darwin


 It is our choice to own, love, breed and exhibit BOXERS with a Naturally Short Tail


Main Photo: Aust. Ch. Nija Airs N Graces @ 4 years


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